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1h 8 min

A guest on Ben Greenfield Podcast, Dr. Cook discusses fixing a knee without surgery, building “young muscle”, Zenjections for the vagus nerve

Tune into Dr. Cook's latest podcast with Ben Greenfield as they discuss healing Ben’s knee without surgery, the benefits of vagus nerve hydrodissections, the connection between COVID and musculoskeletal health and more!
1h 6min

Did Ben Greenfield Get Vaccinated (Yet?), Can You Get COVID Twice, The Latest On Omicron, Treating Long Haul COVID & Much More With Dr. Matt Cook

Dr. Cook returns to the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast with valuable insights on vaccine safety, efficacy, immunity, and more. Tune in for expert discussions and practical health tips. Don't miss this informative episode!
1h 32min

A Guest On Ben Greenfield's Podcast, Dr. Cook Speaks On The Future Of Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine Therapies & More

It's been a while since we shared a podcast with our listeners. We're excited to be back with another Dr.Cook guest appearance - his 7th - on the Ben Greenfield Podcast. Don't miss this exciting episode with some interesting debates around the COVID vaccine and more.
1h 23min

Psychedelic Living Podcast with Meet Delic & Barbara

Our very own Barbara Branaman (Barb) is a guest on a recent Meet Delic Podcast episode, Psychedelic Living. Tune in to this exciting chat with Barb & Meet Delic's Jackee Stang, where Barb, a powerhouse corporate executive, master of yoga and medical Qigong - in other words "Baby Yoda"- shares her personal experiences and lessons learned throughout her life. She will share tips on how she's managed to stay grounded & positive throughout her most challenging and extremely stressful times.
1h 15min

Dr. Cook Roundtable Q&A Series: Introducing Dr. Harry McIlroy

Dr. Harry McIlroy is an integrative physician in San Francisco who combines the best of Western and Eastern medicine to help people live well and feel better. Tune in as Dr. Cook & Dr. McIlroy discuss their experience and perspective on integrated Chinese medicine, traditional family medicine and the current incarnation of functional/integrated medicine. They share their experience treating patients with big physiological problems and the successes using integrative medicine.
1h 42min

Ben Greenfield Podcast with Dr. Cook: Best Anti-Stress Tactics, Neurological Performance Tips & Much More

Tune in to our newest podcast with our friend Ben Greenfield and our very own Dr. Matthew Cook, as they “Get Put In The Hot Seat: Favorite Books, Best Anti-Stress Tactics, Pig-Based Nootropics, Best Billboard Advice & Much More!”
1h 41min

Dr. Cook Roundtable Q&A Series: Benefits of NAD & Peptides to Treat POTS, Lyme & Gastrointestinal Issues

In this Q&A Podcast, Dr. Cook responds to questions from other doctors on treating POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), Lyme and Mold, among other things. You'll also learn ways Dr. Cook has been helping patients increase the immune surveillance and improve their vascular health systems using NAD and peptides.
1h 1min

Dr. Cook chats with Doctor Jones On All Things Peptides

Dr. Greg Jones interviews Dr. Cook on the topic of peptides, specifically immune modulators, how they work, how they are beneficial and ways they can potentially help change how the immune system functions as part of a strategy to treat or cure many known viruses. Learn also how BioReset Medical currently treats patients using peptides and more here on this new podcast episode.
1h 35min

A New Meet Delic Podcast Panel: Peace, Love & Ketamine

Tune in to an informative Meet Delic Podcast panel discussion with Dr. Cook, other doctors experts in the field, as they explore different types of ketamine and their therapeutic applications.
1h 6min

Dr. Cook Roundtable Q&A Series: Cardiovascular & Autoimmune Diseases

Dr. Matt Cook discussed patient cases submitted by BioReset™ Network practitioners related to treating complex Lyme disease and cardiovascular disease. This and more on the latest Q&A Series podcast episode with Dr. Cook.
1h 21min

Dr. Cook Roundtable Q&A Series: All About Peptides

On this Q&A Podcast series, Dr. Matt Cook answers a variety of questions from other doctors on topics such as peptide injections for shoulder pain, intranasal treatments with NAD+, methylene blue for treating interstitial cystitis and sphenopalatine ganglion injections.

A guest on Bee The Wellness, tune in to an intimate and real discussion with Dr. Cook on the topic of PTSD

Tune in as Dr. Cook “sits” with Vanessa and Adam from Bee The Wellness and shares how his personal experience as an anesthesiologist and 15 years of studying integrative medicine has helped him evolve his practice to treat PTSD.
1h 34min

Dr. Cook Roundtable Q&A Series: Latest Strategies for Using NAD+ to Treat a Range of Conditions

On this podcast, Dr. Cook discusses his latest strategies for using NAD+ for a range of conditions including chronic pain and anti-aging. Dr. Cook takes questions from other integrative practitioners also using NAD+ therapy in their practices.
1h 5 min

Dr. Cook Roundtable Q&A Series: A Functional Medicine Approach to Treating Mold and Mycotoxins

In this informative Q & A webinar Dr. Cook gives a detailed description of both functional and regenerative medical strategies used to treat various conditions, including multiple sclerosis.
1h 31min

A Podcast with Andrew Skotzko: Beating Trauma, Identity Shifts & Continually Recreating Who You Are

Dr. Cook had a virtual sit down with Andrew Skotzko, product leader, podcaster, and entrepreneur, on his new ENLIVEN Podcast. Dr. Cook discussed everything from functional medicine, to the specialized use of ketamine to treat anxiety, depression, trauma and PTSD.
1h 9min

A Podcast Series with Dr. Cook & Dr. Iqbal Mirza: A Discussion On the Advances In Anesthesia, Medicine & More

Listen in as Dr. Cook talks with his longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Iqbal Mirza about his experience on the front lines of treating COVID 19 patients in a hospital setting.

A Virtual Fireside Chat Episode with TV Host, Writer & Producer Dave Aizer

Dr. Cook sits with American TV Host, Writer and Producer Dave Aizer and welcomes pointers around public speaking, in the quest to becoming the next Howard Stern of Podcasts.
1h 32min

Musicians Martin Johnson and Naomi Cooke Chat with Dr. Cook

Listen to a unique BioReset Podcast episode, as we share a vulnerable and honest discussion around the current state of COVID. Dr. Cook invites his friends Martin Johnson and Naomi Cooke to join in on that discussion.
1h 41min

A guest on Ben Greenfield's Podcast, Dr. Cook shares his guide to eliminating Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) once & for all

Join Dr. Cook as he discusses SIBO elimination, gut issues, detox protocols, Ozone Therapy, PTSD treatments, and KetamineReset protocol. Gain valuable insights and a special offer.

Dr. Cook Roundtable Q&A Series: Discussion Around Mold Toxicity & Co-Infections

In this Q & A event, Dr. Cook describes in detail his approach to diagnosing and treating patients suffering from mold toxicity and related co-infections. His comprehensive approach addresses both the patient's internal and external environment that is contributing to their illness.
1h 12min

Part 4: Dr. Cook chats with Jackee Stang from Delic Radio

Join Jackee Stang and Dr. Cook for an emotional chat on mental health experiences during the pandemic, personal lessons, and navigating the journey with grace.
1h 11min

Part 2: Dr. Cook Podcast chat with Dr. Helen Messier

Dr. Messier discusses the differences in research processes during the COVID-19 epidemic and urges caution in interpreting unverified findings amid the rush for information.

Part 1: Dr. Cook chats with Dr. Matthew Dawson, an emergency medicine physician in Lexington, Kentucky

Dr. Dawson, an ER doctor, shares Covid-19 insights and protocols, while Dr. Cook discusses Ozone Therapy's potential benefits in treating symptoms and combating the virus.

Part 1: Dr. Cook chats with Tony Wrighton as a guest on his Zestology Podcast

Dr. Cook discusses treating patients amid the pandemic, shares recommendations to boost immunity, and explores various wellness strategies to help modulate the immune system.
1h 13min

Part 3: Dr. Cook chats with Jackee Stang from Delic Radio

Dr. Cook and Jackee Stang discuss the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and the potential of treatments like ketamine to become mainstream in addressing depression.

Part 1: Dr. Cook Podcast Series with Dr. Helen Messier

Dr. Helen Messier and Dr. Cook discuss the unique nature of COVID-19, its severity, and the medical community's efforts to find treatments and prevent further spread.

Part 2: Dr. Cook Q&A Series with Richard Rossi

Dr. Cook & Richard Rossi discuss the value of global collaboration in tackling current and future epidemics, and the potential positive impacts of today's challenges.
1h 32m

Dr. Cook Q&A Series: Dr Terry L. Cochran, MD Doctor, Metro Washington DC Area

Dr. Cook and Dr. Cochran discuss early COVID-19 cases, misdiagnoses, recoveries, and Dr. Cochran's personalized supplement model for optimizing health during the outbreak.
1h 21min

Part 2: Dr. Cook chats with Jackee Stang from Delic Radio

In Part 2, Dr. Cook continues his conversation with Jackee Stang from Delic Radio, discussing various topics and sharing insights in the world of health and wellness.
1h 25m

Part 1: Dr. Cook chats with Jackee Stang from Delic Radio

Join Dr. Mathew Cook and Jackee Stang from Delic Radio as they discuss COVID-19, its impact on our immune system, and compare it to the "Bad Cop Bad Cop" scene.
1h 20m

Part 1: Dr. Cook Q&A Series: Richard Rossi & JJ Virgin

Listen to Dr. Cook, Richard Rossi, and nutrition expert JJ Virgin discuss President Trump's announcement on chloroquine as a potential coronavirus drug and more.
1h 40m

Dr. Cook: Everything you need to know about viruses right now!

Dr. Cook shares insights on virology, historical virus patterns, symptoms, preventative remedies, and progressive treatments like Ozone and NAD+ therapies in this podcast.

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