Penile PRP Therapy For Men

Men’s Sexual Optimization Services

We know that sexual health is an important part of a man’s life at any age. We also recognize that suffering from common sexual performance issues such as erectile dysfunction and decreased virility, can feel debilitating and leave you confused and frustrated. That is why we offer quick, easy and discreet help using natural non-invasive solutions that will enhance your sexual performance in no time.

For men’s sexual health issues and overall performance enhancement, we offer many popular and effective solutions. Our solutions are much healthier alternatives, and the costs of these Vaginal PRP Therapy treatments are far more cost-effective than buying prescription medicine for a lifetime.

Shock Wave Therapy: No needles! No pills! This revolutionary “in office” life changing procedure uses “Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy” to help men with erectile dysfunction (ED), that are unresponsive/partially responsive to conventional medications such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, or Stendra. These pain-free shock waves work by stimulating your body’s own healing response, increasing healthy blood supply, generating growth factors, introducing nutrients and increasing blood vessels to the penile area.

Electrical Oscillation Therapy: A gentle, relaxing, non-invasive, non-traumatic Vaginal PRP Therapy treatment, that uses an electrostatic field to generate deep oscillations within the tissues of the body. Its use results in an extremely effective physiological effect on the skin, muscles, connective tissues and lymphatic system, often increasing blood flow and sensitivity to the affected area.

Penile PRP Therapy  For Men : The Penile PRP Therapy For Men is effectively used to treat erectile dysfunction and poor erectile health in men. The Penile PRP Therapy For Men contains “Platelet Rich Plasma” that depending on your individual diagnosis, we upgrade to regenerate the penis, leading to improved firmness, sensation and quality of the erection.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: It’s natural for men’s testosterone levels to decrease with age or other environmental factors, however these decreases may affect the male libido and overall sexual performance. That is why we also offer our patients options for testosterone replacement therapy that works to improve your overall sexual health.