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About BioReset™ Medical

BioReset™ is at the forefront of integrative medicine. We use the most advanced techniques and medical solutions to enable the body to heal itself. Avoid unnecessary surgery or suffering with our integrative medicine solutions that help people with knee, shoulder, hip, back and neck pain, injury and other health related issues such as cognitive and neurological issues and PTSD.

Integrative medicine focuses on the use of progressive natural, non-invasive treatments to help alleviate or cure a number of ailments, often when traditional medicine falls short. With a focus on a person’s own healthy and other progressive rejuvenative techniques to heal or reverse damage to the body, the BioReset™ approach is the most natural and effective option, often avoiding surgery while restoring patients to a healthy and pain-free life.

We treat many patient conditions with an expertise in orthopedic issues such as joint pain and injury, and also have effective approaches for complex medical issues such as autoimmune disease, cognitive and neurological issues as well as overall health and wellness including an innovative approach to aesthetics and sexual optimization. In addition, we also focus on sports related injuries for professional teams and athletes of all abilities.

A growing and important progression in our practice is the use of IV therapies to treat chronic health related issues. We have had significant success in the treatment and alleviation of symptoms related to PTSD and addiction behaviours where traditional medicine has fallen short.

BioReset™ Medical is a trusted and respected medical practice created by Dr. Matthew Cook, a well-known and highly credentialed Doctor. He is board certified in anesthesiology and an industry leader in the emerging fields of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging and hydrodissection.


Dr. Cook and his team at BioReset Medical are simply a godsend. When my doctors suggested that perhaps I should just learn how to live with my pain, Dr. Cook was able to offer me solutions to improve my circumstances substantially.

Alexander C.
The results have been unbelievable. I no longer suffer from chronic headaches and have completely reclaimed my quality of life. I would recommend anyone dealing with complicated or chronic conditions to reach out and see how he can help. Thank you Dr. Cook!

Josh W.
I have seen Dr. Cook for multiple treatments over the past year to help me overcome several chronic nerve and muscle conditions resulting from a serious car accident over a decade ago. Without sounding dramatic, he was literally able to help me get my life back.

Jackie W.
After dealing with chronic lower back pain (L4-5, L5-S-1) which left me bedridden for most days and unable to enjoy any quality of life, I started regenerative treatments with Dr. Cook. To say he saved my life is no understatement. He spent an hour assessing what was the root cause of my pain and went to work on repairing that. Most doctors just treat the symptoms- and popping pain meds to get through the day was not a road I wanted to go down. After a series of placental matrix injections, NAD IV , and ozone shots, I am COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I am sitting on a plane as I type this, thrilled that I am able to travel with my family and live my life again. I cannot recommend Dr. Cook highly enough. He is a miracle worker and has given me my life back. Appreciative beyond words.

Lisa B.
Dr. Cook is a master at finding the root cause of your pain, and then alleviating it using the most avant-garde and non-invasive procedures. He suggests supplements and lifestyle alterations to keep you operating at 110%. All done in a supportive and compassionate manner, bolstered by a first class, empathetic staff. I remain extraordinarily grateful.

Mere words are not enough to thank Dr. Cook and his staff for erasing my child’s pain! We traveled from specialist to specialist only to keep hearing that opiate pain medication was our only option….then we met Dr. Cook and in two sessions he miraculously freed our boy’s trapped nerves and we got our sweet, happy, and mobile child back after months of constant intense bilateral pain. Dr. Cook is not only a truly gifted doctor but an inspiration to those in his field. He is diligent, caring, comforting, and enjoys the art of using his gifts to help others. I am so very thankful that he is part of our lives!

Karen F.

I write this almost like it was from 10 people and not just myself. Those 9 other people are my amazing wife, my supportive 4 sons and other very close loved ones. They were the ones most impacted by my crippling struggle with Peripheral Neuropathy, Spinal Stenosis and various pinched nerves. After years of tests, surgeries(joint replacements), prescribed medications(enduring many terrible side effects), failed treatment attempts, spinal epidurals, subcutaneous nerve blocks, physical therapy, acupuncture, chronic pain classes, participating in chronic pain studies, countless X-rays and MRI’s….. I found DR. COOK! I knew this time I had a chance! His contagious positivity and enthusiasm for his job was a great indicator!! For ten years I haven’t seen that one time with my current medical provider. It was apparent that he was a life-changer! I should say “lives-changer”! Because of Dr. Cook it has not just changed my life, but those lives of my closest loved ones! They see a brighter day ahead, even in their own lives. That burden of worry being lifted, has also elevated their quality of life! In less than 2 mins of examining the area affected most by peripheral neuropathy, he found the problem!!! The same problem my current provider hasn’t been able to locate in 5-6 years! (Over 100 Dr visits) After my first treatment with Dr. Cook it was if before treatment I was a blind man, and after… it was like I just got my sight back!!! Life changing! No better words to explain it. Now my family and I have hope again, thanks to Dr. Cook and his staff. Hope is a very powerful thing!

David & Family