Dr. Cook & BioReset Medical Highlights

Our BioReset Medical practice and Dr. Cook have been featured in the past on relevant topics such as stem cell research and regenerative medicine in general.

How Dangerous the Croup Is?

The most distinctive feature of the croup disease is a tight cough that may sound something similar to something like a barking seal. Most typically, the cause of a cough is some kind of inflammation in the upper airways, which most often is caused by viruses out there. This means that while the danger of the breathing impairment is relatively low, the disease in its most acute form might cause the symptom and eventually...
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The Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease

While kids are not known for following and upholding a strict set of rules on their personal hygiene, another thing which they've always been known for is getting dirty. This in turn can be a cause of the Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease...
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How Common the Pinkeye Infection Is?

Child diseases which affect the vision should be tracked especially closely and be on any parent's watch list... The pinkeye, which is one of these, features distinct symptoms, such as tearing, redness, itching, and crusty eyelashes are all signs of conjunctivitis, commonly called pinkeye. The thing is most typically caused by the same viruses as the...
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