What Can Ozone Therapy Do to Help Me?

Just about everyone has heard the word “ozone,”  but it is usually in the context of “holes in the ozone layer” or “toxic air pollution”.  It is true that direct inhalation of ozone can be harmful to the lungs. However, people are often surprised to learn that ozone is also a safe and effective treatment for a variety of medical conditions.  Ozone therapy has actually been around for a long time – over 100 years. In fact, Nikola Tesla founded the “Tesla Ozone Company” to manufacture ozone generators for medical applications in 1900!  
When administered according to established clinical guidelines, ozone is the “single safest therapy in the history of medicine.” (F. Shallenberger, MD) Back in the 1980s, a German study of 384,775 patients evaluated the side effects of over five million medically-administered ozone treatments and found that the rate of adverse side effects was only 0.0007%. The main cases of “adverse effects” were due to the use of direct intravenous ozone injection, which is now illegal in Germany and other European countries. None of the conventional treatments used today, including aspirin, has the same safety record as that of ozone therapy.  However, it is essential that ozone treatments are administered under established protocols by a qualified practitioner to be as safe and effective as possible. 
Ozone has been successfully used to treat a wide range of disorders, including cardiovascular diseases like coronary artery disease and angina; pulmonary diseases such as COPD and asthma; infectious diseases like herpes and influenza; immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and Type 2 diabetes; and other conditions like chronic pain and mold toxicity.  Researchers are still discovering all the mechanisms of how ozone works in the body and how it addresses such a vast range of conditions.. However, we do know that ozone stimulates the body’s innate healing mechanisms rather than suppressing symptoms like many conventional therapies. 
Specifically, research has shown that ozone supports the body in the following key ways: 
  1. Has anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal effects
  2. Stimulates the production of white blood cells to fight infection
  3. Increases delivery of oxygen from blood to tissues/cells
  4. Inhibits the growth of tumors
  5. Oxidizes and degrades toxic petrochemicals
  6. Enhances blood cell membrane distensibility to improve circulation
  7. Increases the production of interferon and tumor necrosis factor to fight infections and cancers
  8. Improves the efficiency of the ant-oxidant enzyme system to reduce free radical damage
  9. Accelerates the Citric Acid Cycle (Krebs Cycle) to increase energy production 
  10. Increases the NAD+ to NADH ratio
Ozone therapy works best in combination with other holistic therapies and positive lifestyle changes, such as exercise, improved sleep, stress reduction, IV vitamins and a healthy diet.  At BioReset Medical, Dr. Cook uses this holistic approach to optimize the results for his patients whether they have a chronic complex illness or are interested in slowing down the effects of aging.  By applying ozone therapy in an integrated and personalized way, his patients often experience more resistance to infection and an increase in their energy and sense of well-being.  
Note: Some patients with chronic complex illness may experience detox symptoms characterized by short term fatigue, hot and cold sensations, muscle or body aches (flu like symptoms).
There are a myriad of ways to administer ozone safely and effectively depending on the patient’s condition and symptoms including a local injection for joint pain and ozone dialysis for mold toxicity or Lyme disease. Ozone can also be delivered via rectal insufflation, ozonated water, ear insufflation, ozone sauna and limb bagging to name a few. Certain ozone therapies can be done at home with the right medical grade equipment and proper training.  In general, however, seeing a trained and qualified practitioner who can determine the best method of delivery, dose, frequency and the optimal adjunctive therapies for your specific circumstances is optimal. Given his vast knowledge and experience using ozone therapy, Dr. Cook currently instructs practitioners from around the world in the latest applications of this powerful therapy. 
Ozone therapy is at the forefront of holistic medicine based upon the most natural, safe and effective forms of medical treatment.  More and more patients are seeking alternatives to drugs, surgeries and other conventional therapies to address their symptoms and improve their overall health.  As more physicians learn about the safety and effectiveness of therapies such as ozone, they will become an integral part of mainstream medical practice. 
Please call 650-888-7950 to learn more information about how Dr. Cook can use ozone therapy to help improve the quality of your health and life. 
“After dealing with chronic lower back pain (L4-5, L5-S-1) which left me bedridden for most days and unable to enjoy any quality of life, I started treatments with Dr. Cook. To say he saved my life is no understatement. He spent an hour assessing what was the root cause of my pain and went to work on repairing that. Most doctors just treat the symptoms- and popping pain meds to get through the day was not a road I wanted to go down. After a series of placental matrix injections, NAD+ IV , and ozone shots, I am COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I am sitting on a plane as I type this, thrilled that I am able to travel with my family and live my life again. I cannot recommend Dr. Cook highly enough. He is a miracle worker and has given me my life back. Appreciative beyond words.” – LISA B.