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Our practice is a leading, full service provider of the highest quality health optimization peptides available.

Under guidance of a licensed practitioner from Dr. Cook’s team at BioReset Medical, we will create a peptide protocol unique to your needs that can be administered at home.

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Call us: 650-888-7950 (press 1) and state the “Ben50OFF” offer OR fill out your information below and a member of our team will contact you to schedule a consult to start your journey towards optimal health.


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The Benefits of a Licensed Practitioner Prescribing a Professional Health Protocol

• A custom prescription based on your unique medical and physical needs

• Advanced medical solutions that target your health at the cellular level

• Ongoing support and consultations to ensure longevity and effectiveness of the regime prescribed

• Created in conjunction with suggested lifestyle and nutrition health optimization regimes

• Trusted product sources & complete product quality control

• Only available via a licensed medical practitioner

• US based. Legal. Safe & Effective

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Call the BioReset™ Telemedicine team on (650) 888-7950 or use the form below to inquire about scheduling your appointment today and get ahead of optimizing your health. Dr. Cook’s experienced team of specialists are here to help during this national health crisis.