FREE Sexual Health Talk - August 14th, 12PM PST

Sexual Health Talk:

BioReset™ Medical specializes in men’s and women’s sexual health leveraging an array of advanced regenerative therapies. Learn what treatment solutions may be right for you by joining us at BioReset™ Medical for a FREE talk by Dr. Matthew Cook on the topic of sexual health. Whether you suffer from a decrease in libido, loss of sensation, pain during sex, or difficulty finding orgasm, BioReset™ offers gentle non-invasive services designed to help solve sexual health needs in men and women.

Traditional pill medication or invasive surgery are not the only options for treating sexual health conditions.  

As a thank you, all attendees that complete our survey at the end of the session will receive a $20 Amazon gift card.




📍 BioReset Medical™: 3803 Bascom Avenue, Suite 203, Campbell, CA